What momme weight do I need

Momme is the most recognized unit to measure silk quality.Higher Momme weight means higher density and silk fiber quality.

19 Momme weight silk is the entry level high-end luxury silk focusing on affordability.

22 Momme silk offers the perfect balance between quality and price,and the 25 Momme silk offers the best luxury.

For silk below 19 Momme, 12-16 Momme weight silk is regarded as intermediate quality, and the range of 16-19 Momme weight is considered to be good quality especially 19 Momme weight.

Under 12 Momme: This is the kind of silk you often see in cheap women’s lingerie, and this is also the reason most people view silk as an extremely flimsy material. Don’t be fooled - these are made from the worst silk there is.

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