Are silk comforters as cozy as other quilts

Absolutely yes.

Silk floss is a very different form of filling compared to common quilt fillings such as down, polyester or feather. Take down filling for example: comforters cover your body with sheer bulk - and the more bulk, the heavier the weight. Not only that, down filling tend to “bunch up” even when placed in compartmentalized pockets, creating potential “cold spots”. Silk floss filling comes in the form of a relatively thin sheet which means it will cover the body evenly while you don’t feel the weight much at all. The thinner shape also allows the comforter to drape over your body with ease, meaning you don’t have to constantly fight your partner for more coverage. Thermally, down comforters form a physical barrier between your body and your surroundings, meaning the heat you give off gets reflected directly back at you. This process continues throughout the night resulting in local overheating, as some parts of your body will be sweating profusely while other parts are still exposed to the cold, and eventually resulting in sogginess. Silk comforters, on the other hand are designed to allow air to flow more freely, letting excess heat out as well as wicking away perspiration, making it warm and dry for your body.

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