What are some of the common types of silk available on the market and how are they different

Always aim for 100% long strand Mulberry silk. There are a variety of different types of silk on the market including Mulberry, Tussah, and synthetic silk but only 100% Mulberry silk consists of fibers that are long and continuous strands, and are smooth and lustrous. Wild silk, commonly known as Tussah silk is often passed off as Mulberry silk but a simple touch on the material and you will immediately realize the difference in the quality if you have experienced Mulberry silk before, as Tussah silk is much rougher and doesn’t feel nearly as flowy due to having significantly shorter strands that vary in length..

Habotai Silk, the name of the weave with which Tussah silk is usually made is sometimes used as the name of the silk fabric. It does not have the same durability as 100% Mulberry silk due to having shorter strands. Only 100% mulberry silk can offer the consistency & durability required in quality silk bed linen.

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