Care Tips for your silk duvets

Tip 1:
During transport from the factory and storage, your new duvet has been compressed in a PVC bag with little air
circulation. Before using your new duvet, we suggest you gently shake it and then lay it on a flat
surface for a few hours to allow the natural fill to recover and fully loft.
Tip 2:
Regular maintenance: We recommend that you periodically hang your duvet on a
laundry line, especially on a cool, crisp day to freshen it up and help improve its
insulating properties. It is important to note, do not drape your duvet over a clothes
line, but rather clip the four corners of your duvet to the clothes line to encourage
movement of the fill to the middle of the duvet. Not only will this help your duvet stay
fresh, it will help to retain its shape and loft.
Tip 3:
For hygienic reasons, we recommend using a duvet cover at all times when using your new duvet. Duvet
covers are very practical as they can be washed on a regular basis. They allow you to change the decor in your
bedroom quickly and easily with the purchase of a second duvet cover. Duvet covers will also save you time
and money in the future as it will minimize your trips to the dry-cleaner to freshen up your duvet.
Tip 4:
Rotate your duvet from the top of your bed to the bottom of your bed and vice versa every few weeks. This
will help to minimize the wear to a particular section of your duvet, ensure the even distribution of the natural
fill and prolong the life of your duvet.
Tip 5:
Minimize the amount of time you spend sitting/lying on top of your duvet as it can damage the quality of the fill.
Move the duvet aside when possible.
Tip 6:
Small spots or stains can be removed using warm water and small amounts of mild soap. To dry your duvet,
use a hair dryer on a low heat setting, or place it in the dryer on the “no heat” or “fluff” cycle. Better yet, hang it
on the laundry line (see tip 2). For larger spots or stains, dry-clean your duvet only as necessary as dry-cleaning
fluid can damage the natural fibers. A properly maintained duvet should only require dry-cleaning every few
years. We do not recommend cleaning natural fill duvets in a washer and dryer (especially down filled duvets).
Laundry detergent can cause the natural fibers to clump and the heat of the dryer may singe the fibers.
Tip 7:
Store your natural duvet in a breathable bag or wrap it in a cotton sheet. It is not recommended to store your
duvet in a plastic bag, especially for extended periods of time. Plastic and moisture may cause the natural fibers
to mildew. After being stored for a long period of time, the duvet should be shaken to allow the natural fibers
to re-loft to their original condition

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