Delivery Policy

Lilysilk Offers Absolutely Free Delivery On ALL Orders Over $40! No Hidden Cost Whatsoever, What You See Is What You Pay!

At Lilysilk, we are committed to the idea that a free and prompt delivery is an integral part of a great online shopping experience, which is why we promise the following:

- All orders will be processed, manufactured and dispatched within 48 hours of order placement under most circumstances. However, delays could happen if there is a delay on your payment confirmation, or if the purchased merchandize is currently out of stock. Please ensure your payment can be properly processed and inquire about product availability before you place your order to make sure they arrive within your expected time interval.

- A majority of deliveries to the US will be carried out by DHL and Fedex with their international express shipping service, with the rest using either UPS or EMS Express. Please refer to the chart at the bottom of this page for a rough estimate of the time it takes to for an order to arrive at your destination. For recipients living in the US, delivery usually takes 1 day for metropolitan areas and up to 3 days for rural areas.

- In the case that your purchase is detained by customs or subjected to other forms of surcharge that required additional payments to be made, simply contact us and we will cover ANY AND ALL COSTS that you are subjected to in the process of claiming the order, in the form of a partial refund. Of course, a digital copy of the receipt (as in a digital photo, photocopy or scanned copy) of your expenses would be required in this case.

- We will provide detailed tracking information of the delivery as soon as it is dispatched so you are aware of the status of your order every step of the way.

There are, of course, a few things you should pay attention to before placing your order:

- If you have any special instructions regarding the delivery of your order, make sure you inform us either in the "Leave a Message" section located on the checkout page, or through an email to Please note that due to the time difference between China and the US, we cannot guarantee that your phone calls will be answered in time and your phone messages will be properly recorded. We promise a less-than-24-hours email response time on weekdays.

- We require our packages to be signed when they are received. Our products are expensive and we would like to make absolutely sure they are delivered to the person they are meant to be delivered to, which also helps you and us avoid any potential disputes on if the order was sent. This means that we do NOT accept P.O.Boxes (including APOs and FPOs) as valid addresses, and we do not accept shipping requests that instruct the package to be left at the door.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, please drop us a line at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

International Express Delivery Service Guide:

Zone Destination Shipping time(Business days)
1 USA 2-3
2 Canada 2-3
3 UK Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malta Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland 2-3
4 Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea 3-4
5 Hong Kong Macau 3-4
6 Japan P.R Korea R Korea Mongolia 3-4
7 Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia Philippine Singapore Thailand Vietnam 3-4
8 Bangladesh India Laos Nepal Pakistan Turkey 3-4
9 Argentina Brazil Colombia Cuba Guyana Mexico Panama Peru 3-4
10 Bahrain Botswana Burkina Faso Chad Congo(Kin) Congo(Brazzaville) Cyprus Djibouti Egypt Ethiopia Gabon Ghana Greenland Island Guinea Iran Iraq Israel Ivory Coast Jordan Kenya Kuwait Madagascar Mali Morocco Mozambique Niger Nigeria Oman Qata,r Rwanda Senegal Syria Tunisia U.AE Uganda 3-4
11 Belarus Cay man Islands Croatia Czech Estonia Hungary Kazakhstan Latvia Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Ukraine 3-4
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