Tell Silk from Satin

Silk and satin are two ordinary fabrics that can be often seen online, which are both widely used by many families. However, many people are surprise at their price difference and will often ask, “What are the differences between them and how can I tell them from each other”? We have to know their hidden distinctions beside their luxurious appearance.


Different natures of silk and satin

Silk is natural, satin is artificial. Silk is made from pure cocoons of silk worms, which is 100% pure and natural. Moreover, silk is spun from the natural silk protein filament produced by the silk worm when forming its cocoon While satin is artificial and is a fabric weave. Since satin is man-made, people can weave many other kinds of materials in the way of satin, such as polyester.


Different quality of silk and satin

Silk is made of animal protein, beside natural healthy benefits, it is also very durable. Silk comforter, silk pillow and so on, which are made of long silk floss are pretty ever-lasting than satin.


Different appearances of silk and satin

Natural mulberry silk is smooth with lustre. Such luxurious appearance comes from the unique prism of silk fabrics, such a structure can reflect well in the light. Satin looks glossy on the front side but very dull on its back side, the reason it also looks lustrous is that it is made of many floats, whose interlacing makes satin’s attractive surface.


Different touch feelings of silk and satin

Mulberry silk is smooth and soft, which is breathable and anti-allergy, healthy for skin and hair. When people sleeping on them, they will feel comfortable and can be away from many skin problems. While satin is different, it has a clear distinct texture and have no such healthy benefits compared with silk.


Different prices of silk and satin

Customers are often puzzled by their price differences since silk products are more expensive than satin products. Silk is luxurious and natural and silk threads are pretty different to make since a single strand of thread requires silk from numerous silk worms. As a manmade fabric, satin is easy to produce in large quantities from relatively less valuable sources, such as oil. That is to say satin is much more easier to produce since it is synthetic




Hope that such differences can help you to tell silk from satin and know clearly their differences. Natural mulberry silk products from Lilysilk are favored by customers from worldwide because of its top quality and superior service.

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