Differences Between Seam and Seamless Silk Sheet

Silk has long been regarded at the most natural bedding material since it is made of pure animal protein, which contains 18 animal acids to ensure top quality sleep. However, whether to choose seam or seam less sheets and their differences has make buyers feel puzzled. Here are their advantages and disadvantages.

How to distinguish

Seamless silk sheets are made with one complete cloth without seam on it, which looks luxurious. Seam silk sheets are made by using more than one pieces of silk fabric, sewing together to create the finished sheet.

Disadvantages of seam silk sheets

Most silk sheets on the Internet are made into seam silk sheets. Seam silk sheets are made with less costs, so they are less expensive. Moreover, because of the seams, the bedding can be made with the match of different colors to create a fresh look.

Seam silk sheets are relative cheaper and have its own disadvantages. Seam sheets are less durable and the position is seam is easily to break down. Beside that, you may feel uncomfortable if you touch the seams when sleeping. Last point is seam silk sheets will be more difficult to clean and users will find the seams are easily to get dirty.

Advantages of seamless silk sheets

Seamless silk sheets will look royal and lustre since there is no seams on it. Seamless silk sheets are durable because a solid and complete cloth will hardly to be destroyed, especially 100% mulberry silk in 19 momme, 22momme and 25 momme, relative heavier momme weight. Seamless sheets are easy to care and if cared well, they can be used for many years.


Of course, pure silk fabric itself is natural and durable. No matter it is seam or seamless, silk fabrics are relative better material compared with others. Furthermore, modern design has made the seam on the sheets less and less obvious. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and especially suitable for allergy sufferers. Beside the function of an ordinary sheets, silk bedding are along with huge healthy benefits. Thus silk bedding is more and more popular and will be the ultimate choice on the long term.

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